Worldbeaters Music LLP is proud to present Spark! on Sunday 24 May as part of Liverpool Sound City.

Spark! is for anyone and everyone. This show dazzles and delights all who see it.

Five mysterious characters made of light and sound will take you on a unique and mesmerising journey.  High impact drumming, beautiful lighting design, dynamic choreography, incredible costumes, and strong characters: this is a show not to be missed. Watch out for some surprising audience interactions too!

Company director and show producer Chris Maines-Beasley explains the inspiration behind Spark!:

“We wanted to create something that was really dynamic, which would work in a variety of settings, and would appeal to all ages. It has proved universal, it is popular around the world. As the show progresses, the characters develop. At first they are mysterious – they could be from a different time, or place, or planet. Their characters start to emerge – some are very playful, and play tricks on the rest of the group. Others are frustrated and want to take control of things. The theatre element comes in with those relationships. The universal element comes out, too – wherever we are, people recognise elements of themselves or people they know in the characters.”

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