Moderator: Stan Soocher

Speakers: Carol Isherwood, Stephen Kempner, Yousef, David Chatfield, Rudi Kidd


Are the Blurred Lines of copyright about to open the floodgates on a tidal wave of claims?


In March this year a Los Angeles jury ruled that the worldwide megahit 'Blurred Lines' is a direct copy of the late Marvin Gaye 1977 hit 'Got To Give It Up’ and as consequence awarded $7.4 million to Gaye’s descendants.

The verdict sent tremors through the worldwide record industry.  Many called it a foolish decision and said it would have chilling circumstances.

This panel will examine the key rulings and issues surrounding the Pharell/Thicke v Gaye case and look at the potential consequences and pitfalls for recording artists and composers in the future.

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