Born in Sheffield in 1985, Ed Lilo began promoting music events at the age of 17. Ed moved to Brighton in 2005, where he worked for various advertising agencies, was music editor for a fashion magazine and sold records at Resident. Ed opened and managed the Green Door Store.

Ed has been the Head of Events and Venues at VICE UK for over two years. He manages programming, marketing and event production across five sites,

delivering over 100 events per month, from free shows at The Old Blue Last to large-scale events with brand partners, to around 20 festival activations per year.

Ed has an extensive knowledge of new music across a variety of genres. He has a strong understanding of the UK DIY music scene, coupled with regular experience of working with internationally renowned brands and high profile artists.

When he’s not in the Old Blue Last, Ed is eating brunch, obsessing over ‘the new-new thing’ [currently Periscope] or pursuing his ambition to make the perfect Vodka Martini.


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