Moderator: Keith Harris

Speakers: Irwin Sparkes, Myles Keller, Gabrielle Cilmi 


PPL and PRS for Music present: International success and maximising your revenue potential


In such a competitive marketplace, this session explores the key opportunities available to artists internationally, including crucial advice on how to increase global revenue streams. It is open to all LSC attendees and will be informative for artists, labels, publishers, and managers.


Irwin Sparkes is lead vocalist and guitarist of multi-platinum winning band The Hoosiers, and has penned many of their globally successful songs along with this bandmates. After hit song ‘Nothing Sweet About Me’, Australian singer-songwriter Gabrielle Cilmi has won six ARIA Music Awards and has had three internationally successful albums.


Keith Harris, Director of Performer Affairs at PPL, and Chairman of Musictank, has managed many key artists on Motown Records and continues to represent Stevie Wonder. PPL is the global leader in international collections and has been collecting global performance and rightsholder royalties for over 10 years.


Myles Keller, Membership Development Director at PRS for Music is a music industry veteran of 26 years, overseeing writer, publisher and music industry relations as well as the global membership acquisition strategy. PRS for Music ensures creators are paid whenever their music is played, performed or reproduced; championing the importance of copyright to protect and support the UK music industry.

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