Nathalie Du Bois is currently the founder and CEO of 6 Degrees Entertainment LLC, a fully independent music company. The company represents a wide roster of artists for film, television and commercial sectors providing music supervision, full management, negotiation and artist development services. The roster features groundbreaking new and established talent via joint ventures with labels and publishers, encompassing full creativity and rights management services on their behalf. 


Under Ms. Du Bois’ leadership is a creative and business development team which brings over 30 years combined experience in the areas of creative production, legal affairs, music supervision and rights management. This fusion of highly experienced creative and professional management personnel has resulted in 6 Degrees supporting its industry clients with a service offering that includes premier management and negotiation services, customized solutions and superior creative talent. 


Under 6 Degrees, Ms. Du Bois contracted with media and entertainment clients both in the U.S. and abroad. Under her leadership, she restructured one of her clients entire domestic operation resulting in a cost savings of over $1.7M. Since inception, 6 Degrees has successful negotiated and collected over $2.0 M in unpaid performance royalties on behalf of her clients. Whilst serving as the leading party in copyright infringement cases, Ms. Du Bois has also secured multi-million dollar settlements on behalf of her clients.


Prior to 6 Degrees, Ms. Du Bois was responsible for co-founding and building Kid Gloves Music where she negotiated the first one-stop contracts with studios for Independent artists and the licensing of commercial music. Her company was also the first selected by Disney to provide complete music services for its’ Direct to DVD projects. 


Ms. Du Bois is sought after in the publishing industry for her longstanding relationships and ability to negotiate deals on behalf of her clients. She has placed over one thousand pieces of music in nearly every network show on television including American Horror Story, the Good Wife and CSI and in various film projects including Get on Up, Dallas Blood Diamond, Dallas Buyers Club and Bridget Jones Diary, to name a few. 


Her innovative approach to structuring deals resulted in the growth of the KG catalogue from 3,500 songs to the 100,000 songs. The publishing catalogue included Roadshow, Sammy Cahn, SBE/Lehsem, Les Baxter, Robert Johnson and many more. The featured artists included such names as Kanye West, Rolling Stones, Britney Spears and Frank Sinatra. 


Since 1999, Ms. Du Bois has maintained preferred vendor relationships with every major studio (including Comcast, NBC/Universal, CBS, Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros and Weinstein), ensuring her clients are given first look access of their music for any commercial television or film project.

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