Moderators: Dex Lush, Adrian Cooke

Speakers: Natasha Duprey, Samuel Diaz


SCARY SYNC! Learn what it takes to soundtrack the denizens of the dark! Portmanteau welcomes you to their chamber of musical HORROR featuring Zombies, Vampires and Werewolves. Strictly not for the faint of heart!


During this session the two founders of UK based Sync agency Portmanteau, Adrian Cooke and Dex Lush, will introduce you to two of the top music supervisors currently working in the US horror TV genre:


Samuel Diaz is the Director of Music Supervision for CBS Television Studios
An industry professional for over 19 years, Samuel worked as in-house music supervisor  for Frasier, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, JAG, the Star Trek TV franchise and many other productions while at Paramount Television. 


Now with CBS Television Studios, he currently is the in-house music supervisor for NCIS, Blue Bloods, NCIS: New Orleans, Extant and the summer horror drama Zoo and has worked on other productions including The Good Wife, NYC 22, Harper’s Island and Common Law . In the 2014-2015 television season, NCIS is the #1 show in the US with a weekly viewership of 18 million viewers. 


Natasha Duprey - is currently music supervising the excellent Bitten TV series in the U.S., but has also worked on a whole host of top movies and TV shows such as The L Word, Continuum, The Dead Zone, and Defying Gravity.


During this session our two star guests from across the pond will show you how their music is sourced and selected for their TV horror shows, some examples of recent placements, and how you can get your own music selected for these shows.


There will also be a section of the panel dedicated to listening and appraising music submissions from pre-submitted tracks and , if there's time, tracks from the audience. 


To submit your music for this unique opportunity before the panel please email your details and submission to Lee Smith at

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