In association with LJMU


Moderator: Mark Gordon

Speakers: Gary Clark, Julian Deane, Crispin Hunt, Holly Partridge, Michael Sandys


Shut up and write the hits-don't fear co-writing!


From Ed Sheeran to Coldplay-all your favourite contemporary rock and indie artists are co-writing. Whereas previously artists were previously expected to deliver hits themselves-In 2015 more than ever the risk-averse music industry is more and more relying on lyricists, topline-writers, and ghost-writers to make genres previously unlikely to think about co-writing (rock and indie especially) produce radio-friendly unit shifters now more than ever.


So is co-writing to be feared or encouraged? And for those professional co-writers producing and adding value to groups-how do they view how their work is valued in the industry and what trends and movements have they noticed in the ever-shifting tectonic plates that are the landscape of label and publishing A and R?



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