Steve Rotheram was first elected to serve the people of Liverpool Walton on May 3rd 2010. He was re-elected on 7th May 2015 with 81.3% of the vote, making the seat one of the safest in the country.


Born in 1961 to a stalwart Labour family (his father was a Councillor in Kirkby throughout the 1970s) he's spent all of his adult life living in the constituency he represents.


Steve brings a wealth of life experience to his parliamentary role.  A bricklayer by trade, he'd set up his own company by the age of 22 and later went on to work in various capacities in the construction industry.  Having pursued qualifications through FE College, he studied full-time at Liverpool John Moores University, later to progress onto a Masters Degree course in Contemporary Urban Renaissance at Hope University. During this time he was employed as a Business Manager by the Learning and Skills Council.


After three decades of activism, Steve sought election to public office at the turn of the millennium and became a Liverpool City Councillor in 2002 and was honoured to serve as Lord Mayor of Liverpool during the city's successful European Capital of Culture Year 2008-2009.


Currently, Steve is a member of Labour’s National Executive Committee (the Governing body of the Labour Party that oversees the overall direction of the party and the policy-making process). He also sits on the department of Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee and is a member of a number of All-Party Parliamentary Groups.


Beyond politics, Steve is an enthusiastic football fan and plays for the All-Party Parliamentary football team. He is a die-hard Liverpool FC fan having held a season ticket for many years.


He is also the only Member of Parliament to have two Premier League football clubs in his constituency (Everton FC and Liverpool FC).

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