Highly experienced technology entrepreneur, investor and mentor with over 30 years’ experience.  Leading technology businesses of all sizes Steve has worked across Europe and the USA. For the last decade using his development company, Software City, Steve has enabled fund raising of many millions into a variety of diverse companies.  Founder of the event format “Software City” which he has staged in the USA, Finland, Sweden, London and Liverpool. Software City show showcases many aspiring technology businesses brings together audiences of Investors, entrepreneurs and industry leaders.


His network comprises of key contacts stretching from Helsinki to Silicon Valley.


Companies with whom he has enjoyed senior executive status include Elcom Inc, Landis UK Ltd, Imtech Telecom UK Ltd, NWIX Ltd and many others.


His other passion is in bringing Nordic technology businesses to the UK and has an extensive network across the Nordic states has already brought some 30 businesses into the UK.


Steve is currently Chairman of Pixie Harnesses Ltd and CEO of Software City Ltd and CEO of West Coast Investor Network Ltd, a Liverpool based organisation aiming to bring business angels together with the alternative finance market and institutional funders. 

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