Moderator: Jeremy Patterson

Speakers: Nick CalafatoAdam Lynch, Mark Knight, Rupert Vereker, Joe Strinati 


In earlier days of the music business, many top artists avoided corporate partnerships so they wouldn't look corporate puppets.  But over time, from Michael Jackson's Pepsi sponsorship deal in the Eighties to Apple's advertising relationship with U2, pop stars and their labels have embraced these revenue sources — crucial during an era of low CD sales, plummeting download sales and low streaming royalty payments.

There are now new ideas and initiatives being launched all of the time.  Earlier this year, Universal Music Group revealed that it was working on a new ad-focused venture that would pair artists with brands, based on demographic user data. This information is seen as gold dust, not only for artists trying to figure out where to tour next, but for advertisers who want to align themselves with the artist's audience.

This panel will help bands and artists to better understand the opportunities that are out there.

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