Moderator: Mike Burgess

Speakers: Nicola Wright, Bruce Findlay, Rob Swerdlow, Sophia Kearney, Ally McCrae


This panel will help equip managers and artists with strategies to allow them to survive and prosper in the music business. This will be a discussion between those managers who have made it and those who are trying to make it.


The seminar will get you thinking beyond ‘just’ being a band possessing amazing talent. It’s also about building the team necessary to get to the next level, and understanding what, for a manager, the next crucial steps are.


As a manager you need to get others on board such as an agent, a publicist, and publisher. And you ought maybe involve a lawyer earlier on than you might have thought.

Then it’s time to develop that essential road map – your strategy to progress.

You need studio time for the first release, you need some press exposure, and then book a tour. This is all no mean feat with so much competition out there and so much pressure on time and money. Then Step two, do it all again, but now bigger and better!  You need to assemble a proper structure and time-line, build an organisation, generate a buzz, and understand where you do (or don’t) see yourselves fitting into the current music scene!

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