Moderator: Julia Payne

Speakers: Sarah Thirtle, Paul Barton, Kevin Osbourne, Steve Smith


The last few years have seen a massive shift in the ways people working in the music industry can raise money for their projects or businesses – from PRS Foundation's Momentum Fund to new government- and private equity-backed loan and venture capital schemes, to crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending. What do opportunities look like now? When are different types of support relevant and likely to be most useful? How do you put together the right financial jigsaw puzzle? And, looking to the future, where are things on the money front likely to go in the next few years, and how can we keep up with these changes? 

Tackling these questions and more, four of the people leading the change that’s happening in the money circles talk about what we need to do if we’re to thrive and survive.

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