Yousef is a complete force within electronic music, and has come to represent the ethos of 

the modern DJ. Absorbing a litany of roles, a seasoned authentic and peerless dj, a label 

owner, a producer & remixer, an event organiser, a mentor, all with a seemingly relentless 

amount of vision. His efforts are thoughtful and considered and all approached with 

connotation. There are few who balance musical maturity and a surge to the future so 

eloquently and vigorously.


Yousef brings together the seductive groove & swing of authentic house readily with the 

energy of techno. Whether going straight for the jugular with live a 3 deck DJing dexterity or 

being more deft and subtle with a considered blend, Yousef remains technically and 

musically peerless, one of the globe’s finest masters of a four-four beat. A man at ease 

infront on 10000 people, as he is 100. Ibiza to Indonesia, Argentina to America, South Africa 

to South Korea, few corners have been untouched.  Recent back-to-back sets with house 

music’s finest Eats Everything, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier & Nic Fanciulli show the pedigree 

and reverence Yousef is among.

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