The tail end of 2011 saw the emergence of material from a producer known only as Evian Christ with oblique YouTube videos accompanying music which seemed to occupy its own particular twilit corner of the musical landscape – poised somewhere at the crossroads between freaked, haunted ambience and sparse, twisted R&B. Signing shortly after to Tri Angle, Evian Christ (aka 22 year old Merseyside resident Joshua Leary) released a free mixtape, “Kings and Them”, collating his 8 tracks to date, and heralding the arrival of a truly exciting new talent in the process.


In June 2012 a limited edition 12” collecting together four tracks from “Kings and Them” in new and remastered form, became the first proper physical release from Evian Christ. Over the span of these 4 tracks, the breadth of his unique vision is just beginning to be explored.

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