We’re over the moon to announce the three finalists of the first Sound City Real Time Direct-To-Fan Campaign.  From 21st - 24th May, Gerry Cinnamon, Sankofa, Scarlet will work closely with PledgeMusic and professional support consultants JUXDIT to raise funding and their profile.  They will also perform at Sound City in front of hundreds of industry delegates who could change their careers during the Sound City Festival and Conference from 21st – 24th May.


Working closely with PledgeMusic and JUXDIT in real time during the lead up and over the four days of Sound City, the artists will  connect with their fans via their direct-to-fan campaigns and also raise funding for an element of their careers -- whether that’s touring, recording, PR and marketing, or any other element where they need funding to take their career to the next level.


At Sound City, we are passionate about championing artists and ensuring that they get access to the tools they need to succeed and to develop their careers. As traditional income and promotional opportunities for artists including label deals and tour support continue to diminish, new business models and revenue streams become increasingly important, and we see direct-to-fan as a crucial part of this mix.


We’ll be documenting the competition over the four days of Sound City to create case studies on each campaign, which other artists can use to see exactly what they need to do to make a direct-to-fan campaign successful.


We can’t wait!


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