Dream big, PITCH an idea, win BIG! 

Since 2008, Sound City has been responsible for £15 million being generated on contracts signed for companies taking part in the Conference. We are passionate about working with music, 

digital and creative entrepreneurs and giving them opportunities to meet new international contacts which through sharing ideas and collaboration, can take them to the next level.

As part of our passion for new talent and innovation we are launching the Alan Wills Innovation Awards, in memory of the Deltasonic Records founder, a leading light in the music industry who was a trailblazer for doing things differently and making amazing ideas come to life, who tragically passed away last year.

The Alan Wills Innovation Awards are for those entrepreneurs with projects that are genuinely innovative and who have a burning desire to propel them forward.

Alan loved nothing more than talking new ideas. He also created a devoted party of followers at Deltasonic who got behind his vision for the artists he represented including The Zutons and The Coral.  

So, in this inaugural year, we are inviting entrepreneurs to apply for the Innovation Awards Pitch Party in association with the hub during Sound City Conference on 21st May.  

Applying is simple, and six finalists will be invited to take part in the Innovation Awards Pitch Party during Sound City Conference on 21st May, which will give them the chance to pitch ideas that they have in development to a room of people they want to get in front of - potential investors and mentors, people who could help them refine or prototype their idea, and potential customers/ users. 

If you’re an entrepreneur with an idea in development, this is a brilliant opportunity to get feedback and advice from people who could potentially invest in your idea. The idea deemed by the audience to be the most innovative and likely to succeed will be awarded £500.

Applications for the Alan Wills Innovation Award and Sound City Pitch Party are open from Friday 24th April To midday on Monday 11th May, to apply, go here



About Alan Wills

Alan Wills was a mentor and ally to many people in the music business.  With his partners in crime Ann and Joe and through Deltasonic he changed the whole musical landscape in Liverpool and the UK.  Alan had his own unique style that he brought with him from Anglesey to the heart of Liverpool. He was savvy and opinionated.  A true maverick. A truly innovative person.

He was also warm and had a fast, dark and often childlike humour.  He had so much time for everyone.  He had a thirst for knowledge and as we all know he could be an expert on just about everything.

He would sweep you along on his surging tide of enthusiasm.  He had boundless energy for just about everyone.  He had amazing insight and vision.  The combination of all of these things was the ability to bring you into his world and inspire you to bigger and better things. 

He had time for anyone.  He loved to talk and share his ideas and thoughts.  3o Minute meetings turned into endless debates waged over endless packets of Fredos, chips and egg and eternal cups of milky latte where he would wax lyrical over his views on music, politics, jeans, religion, family, loft insulation and anything else where his mind wandered to. He had acute insights and philosophies on life and business.  He had wild theories on political conspiracies and his musings on the intricacies of manufacturing Japanese selvedge jeans and the God like status of New Balance trainers were legendary.

He was never afraid to debate and get his ideas and opinions across.  One thing that was always clear and deeply rooted with Alan was his passion for his beloved bands and artists who he loved with real and deep loyalty.  They were always within his sights, his mind and his focus of vision.  He opened up their minds and their world and inspired them to greater things and better understanding for the environment they roamed.

Like all visionary and innovative people his vision was based upon an extensive knowledge of everything that was cool and right about music, art and wider pop culture of the past 50 years.  

He used his inspiration and innovation to inspire a new generation of artists and by doing so create a new pop culture movement.  How many of us can say we did that.

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