We are excited to be partnering up with Liverpool Sound City as the exclusive application channel for Apply to Play. Past acts who have benefited from this platform have been Ed Sheeran, Catfish and the Bottlemen and many more. 


What does Gigmit do? Well it's simple, we make live better. Through gigmit you are able to discover and book thousands of successful live acts from all over the world, from every genre, for your event. Gigmit makes your event a success and brings together promoters & artists - quickly, easily, and securely. Artists get access to gig opportunities and promoters can search artists by genre & location. Once a promoter opens a new gig opportunity, the artist can apply. Once the promoter selects an artist, both receive all information that is necessary before the show. There is nothing easier, faster or smarter to get or book gigs.


At gigmit we're all about helping emerging artists and breaking established ones, so this partnership could not have been more perfect for us. At Liverpool Sound City, we want to reach as many new and emerging artists/promoters as possible. 


Please come and say hi to us.

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