Hosted in a different Western Canadian city each year, BreakOut West and the Western Canadian Music Awards is one of the top Canadian Music Industry events, supporting musicians and industry to live and work in Western Canada. Showcasing and celebrating breakout artists and creating opportunities for artists to make it to the next level of their career. A key element, the International Buyers Program brings industry from across the globe to connect with artists and industry and get business done.


How do you define western Canadian music? Just under a thousand KMS stretching across three provinces. Manitoba hip hop artist’s The Lytics consciously set out to make music people can both relate and move to. For them music has never been about empty boasts and bravado. Saskatchewan features The Young Benjamins who seen their brand of indie-folk, which mixes violin flourishes and robust vocals with dashes of math-rock rhythms, that has been catchy enough to captivate even the most discerning crowds, also Close Talker who was widely raved about for its edgy vocals and gentle piano lines and orchestral ambition. Alberta’s Fist City both musical and spiritual, then sends them into overdrive. Guitars chime like bells or shred like buzzsaws, while the rhythms hit harder than ever before, and 36? Part pop, part art-rock, part psych-jazz, it’s accessible while still being somewhat insane. That is how you define Canadian Prairie Music. A showcase not to be missed!

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