We have a number of restrictions for entrance on to the Sound City site.

Do obey the laws of the land. Drugs are no more legal at a festival than in the outside world. Sound City are proud to be working with the Liverpool Metropolitan Police and local authorities to make this a safe, crime-free event.

You should expect to be searched at the entrance to the Sound City, and anyone found with illegal substances or materials will be passed directly to the police. Anyone found in possession of drugs or weapons at the event will be ejected from the site and not permitted to re-enter. 

The Merseyside Police force remind festival-goers that an arrest for drugs or weapons will have far-reaching consequences, potentially impacting your job and other parts of your life. Don’t bring drugs or weapons to this event.

Legal highs are not permitted at the event, any person found with legal highs on entry will have them confiscated and could be refused admission. Any person found with legal highs inside the event will have them confiscated and will be ejected.

Having been ejected from the event, no re-entry will be permitted.

The organisers will provide non-judgemental medical care and welfare support to any individuals requiring it

Sound City is strictly a 16+ event and Sound City strictly adheres to the challenge 25 policy, proof of age may be required and admittance will be refused if not provided. The valid forms of ID are Passport, Photo Driving Licence, PASS Card and Military ID. (If you require a PASS Card you can register for one here). Anyone found with a fake, or using another persons ID, will be removed from the site with the ID being confiscated.

Anyone found supplying alcohol to under 18’s or purchasing alcohol on behalf of underage 18’s at the event will have the alcohol confiscated and risk both parties being ejected and no re-entry will be allowed.

Once you are on the Sound City site there will be no re-entry allowed except for reasonable circumstances.

  • No drinks or alcohol
  • No drugs
  • No weapons
  • No legal highs
  • No fake ID’s 
  • No glass
  • No food
  • No animals, with the exception of registered guide or hearing dogs
  • No flares or fireworks
  • No re-entry to single day ticket holders

Management reserve the right to refuse admission.

Anyone who does not adhere to these rules will be ejected from the site, no re-entry will be permitted.

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