The 2015 conference is delighted to feature the astute Julian Cope. Immersed into the Liverpool post-punk scene of the 1970s alongside Echo and The Bunnymen, Julian has been a chart topping 80s pop leader of The Teardrop Explodes and the rocker of Peggy Suicide and 20 Mothers. As the definitive 21st century experimental artist, Julian self released everything from the pagan punk metal bands Brian Donor and Queen Elizabeth. 


Julian will be sharing his time as a singer and lyricist in the Teardrop Explodes, his solo career, photography and his time as a best selling author with various books clarifying his outspoken political and cultural activist side. 


Julian surges with creativity with two volumes of autobiography, five well received LPs, two records with Queen Elizabeth and the funk grooves of the Rite Albums. In 1997 Julian left the mainstream music industry, focusing on his blog and his record label Head Heritage.


To the musicians, poets, photographers, authors, musicologists and antiquaries, the accomplished Julian Cope isn’t one to miss.

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