Mark E Smith is the legendary leader of The Fall. He formed the group in 1976 at the age of nineteen, and gave up his job at Salford docks shortly after. In the subsequent three decades and more, The Fall have had an infamously ever-shifting roll call of members, while being prolific in the extreme; with over thirty studio albums released (additionally the group have released numerous live albums and compilations).


With an idiosyncratic vision, and a pioneering musical output, Mark E Smith and The Fall have a widespread following internationally; the band were championed by John Peel, who proclaimed The Fall his favourite band, explaining, "They are always different; they are always the same."


An influence on American bands, particularly (including Pavement and the Pixies), Smith has always pushed artistic boundaries. Among his many cultural interventions; a play ‘Hey Luciani’ about the reign and death of Pope John Paul I, and a collaboration with the dancer Michael Clarke (‘I Am Kurious Oranj’).


He has a reputation for being a spiky, honest and uncompromised interviewee, too; in one way or another, we’re sure to experience a very memorable hour in his company. 

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