Moats are a British four-piece whose music is pressing against the walls of their SoundCloud, ready to explode. Lead singer, Matthew Duncan’s, abilities behind the microphone are a pinpoint in the bands success thus far. His energy and raw, brooding emotion is drilled right into their music, leaving nothing to spare. This raw energy exuded on stage captivates each individual member of the audience; achieved through gritty guitars and moody yet sincere vocals. Their debut EP, suitably named the Rough EP is due to be released soon and features some of the most emotional and strongest songs the band have created thus far. Most likely to be otherwise found playing a house party show up North, this is one band you shouldn't miss.

Having recently played Texas, NME’s placed them in at number 6 in their 16 best moments of Austin City Limits and had this to say.. “Less fêted than Outkast, certainly - but there gold to be found during the early afternoon at Austin City Limits, too, with UK band Moats turning in a stellar performance”.  NME

"You’ll see more than glimpses here; the band cook up an intense live experience, but one that is kept inviting by the personality of the performers, in particular frontman Duncan. Completely at home in the live setting, he rarely stops smiling, and takes every opportunity he can to make a wisecrack (“This track’s called Dry, although I’m pretty moist!”), embracing the swarm of punters before him."

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