Born in Pittsburg Pennsylvania and hailing from Oklahoma City, Wayne Coyne is known as the glitter covered, rainbow wearing, laser handed frontman of legendary experimental indie space rock band The Flaming Lips. 


Wayne formed The Flaming Lips in 1983 with his brother Mark but before long, Mark left the band and Wayne took the lead as the groups frontman. Since then The Flaming Lips went on to sign deals with both Restless and then Warner Brothers. 


The Flaming Lips scored a huge hit with the song “She Don’t Use Jelly”, taken from their 1993 album Transmissions from the Satellite Heart. 


In 2002 the band released the critically acclaimed album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. The album received near-universal acclaim and appeared in the best-albums-of-the-decade lists of many music magazines, such as Rolling Stone (#27) and Uncut (#11). Fortune magazine called the album "a lush and haunting electronic symphony." Live performances by The Flaming lips have been likened to psychedelic experiences rather than simply music shows, a tradition that goes back to the band's formation.


Over the years Wayne has collaborated with a whole host of incredible artists spanning over a huge range of musical genres some of which include The Chemical Brothers, Ke$ha, Moby and most recently Miley Cyrus in their 2014 Beatles cover album “A Little Help From My Fwends”.


As well as his music Wayne is also known for experimental art and a passion for film. Coyne made his directorial debut with the low budget science fiction space opera Christmas on Mars (2001), with principal photography shot on a self constructed space ship set in his own backyard.  Wayne also owns the Oklahoma based psychedelic art gallery Womb, a creative hub for artists and patrons who enjoy the freakier aspects of existence. The Womb features an interactive room designed by Coyne that requires 3-D glasses and invites visitors to include themselves in the art by writing or drawing their own designs on the walls. 

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