What do you do when it looks like you’re finally realising your life’s dream of making it in techno; when you’re at long last turning up on the playlists of the scene’s biggest DJs and being whisked to all corners of the globe to play to packed-out, rapturous dancefloors? For Colchester based electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist Dominic Gentry aka Attaque it was the moment to hang up the headphones and make a beautiful electronica record with breathtaking songs, ethereal textures, intelligent melodies and not a single club track in sight.


ON LY OU is a remarkable debut which marries Attaque’s mastery of forward-thinking electronics and beats with epic shoegaze guitars. It’s a record which puts him up there with the most pioneering figures in electronic music.


A born musician and electronic music devotee since his early teens, it was in late 2011 when Gentry conceived the Attaque moniker and quickly began to accomplish the acclaim he deserved. BBC Radio 1 and Mixmag heaped praise on his early techno releases as he appeared on some of Europe’s coolest electronic labels: Kitsune, Turbo, Boys Noize and Bad Life. A revered Boiler Room DJ set followed and Vice Magazine were soon calling him ‘one of the most talked about new kids in techno town.’ It was a couple of months later and Attaque had just played his first show in Japan when he came back to Essex and realised he no longer felt inspired to make 4/4 music for 5 am at dark, sweaty raves. In the bravest of brave moves he called time on the touring and locked himself away for a full year to craft his debut artist offering.


The result is a stand-out work of contemporary production which traverses cutting-edge electronica, shoegaze and heartfelt pop. It jumps from great moment to great moment, seamlessly gliding from the euphoric to the more intimate and emotive.


ON LY OU shows Attaque as a serious talent, both in terms of his next-level production and his unique songwriting. It’s an album full of ambition and promise through which Attaque succeeds in justifying his status amongst the brightest names in the electronic scene.

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