“Luminous, poetic and radical”, C.A.R Is the new project of Chloé Raunet, singer of former London electronic-wave band Battant who now writes, composes and produces on her own. Following the much lauded lead-single ‘Idle Eyes’, MY FRIEND rolls around the edges of pop: musical winks (from light to noir), mastered depression, restrained rage all basking in the irony of her lyrics.

C.A.R’s world is carved from washed up sarcasm and bleached cynicism (‘A Ticket’ and ‘Glock’d') but with ‘Ten Steps Up’, she can deliver an almost sickly sweet melancholia, throwing a cheeky nod to 60′s girl band melodies. All is never as it seems; the important is the in-between. C.A.R. might try to hide behind the ambivalence of ‘Choosing Acronyms Randomly’, but she can be found, laid bare, intertwined through the lines of MY FRIEND.

Chloé writes from personal experience – the view from her window, the street she lives on, the sounds and smells of the neighbourhood, the seasons passing by. She started this album with what she had in her “studio” – a home-made 1960′s bass, a junior Fender Telecaster, a vintage ¾ Stella Parlor blues guitar, her old childhood violin, a broken down electric piano, a micro-Korg, a collection of super shonky percussion and guitar pedals, a computer loaded with soft synths, drum machines & FX. The unorthodoxy and charm of junk and toys.

MY FRIEND is a cathartic experience, for her and possibly you. Its emotions run fast. But it will creep up on you slowly, oblivious to the speed and greed of the world that surrounds us.

‘An extraordinary and beautiful piece of work that defies description and genre placement’ – Andrew Weatherall

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