We are the shiny disco ball helmet wearing, ultimate genre hopping, twisted festival, live stage machine that puts the emphasis on music, laughter and entertaining. Our music is a party at its most outrageous and ridiculous. We're like a Dean Martin and Kenny Rogers hybrid with the DNA of Bob Marley and Neil Diamond on mushrooms! Our live show has included crowd surfing on inflatable alligators, laughter yoga, Justin Bieber and Harry Styles exorcisms, gaffa-taped crowd surfing, mass group hugs, a dance off in a giant hay bird nest, creating beats by getting the crowd high 5ing, sing alongs about dancing in gay discos and being heartbroken by ginger people, line dancing, Mexican boings (like a Mexican wave but getting the crowd to say boing from one side to the other), pile-ons, trust games, partial nude stags being crowd surfed and a cattle stampede. Expect the unexpected! We always get the crowd involved and make them feel like they are part of the band. So much so, we call them the 6th Dijon. And their numbers are growing.

We started a creative movement. A Yellow Movement no less. Amorphous and ambiguous. Why yellow I hear you ask? Well, it's the colour of Dijon mustard, it's the colour of sunshine, the most positive of colours, and who doesn't want more of that in their lives?!

This is our manifesto:

Laugh until you no longer know what it is to hate, release your soul, determine your own fate, lose your self consciousness, find anonymous awesomeness, in bottomless thoughtfulness, lose your inhibitions, forget the distractions, take non-violent direct action, be your own improvement, use your illusion. You are never alone, anyone can happen, be the best you, you can be. This is the blueprint, we are the nuisance, the fluent union of amusement. The Yellow Movement, the evolution revolution, a symbiosis of (un)conscious and conscience... do join us.

Spread the Mustard love. Your Colonel needs you. We bring the sunshine and you ARE the 6th Dijon!

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