Houdini Dax are an enthralling, infectious and energetic live band who are paying their dues and fast becoming one of Britain’s must see live acts. Blurring the lines between art and populist, ‘The Dax’ have honed their own signature blend of rock n’ roll; three-buttoned punk-funk, rich in rawk and unapologetic in harmony. The band cite their influences from a variety of artists including ‘The Beatles’, ‘The Beach Boys’, ‘Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’‘Tame Impala’, ‘Supergrass’, ‘60ft Dolls’, ‘Racehorses’ and John Peel’s favourites, ‘Murry The Hump’.

Gallantly hailed the new “fab three” on the scene, Houdini Dax consists of Jack Butler, Owen Richards and David Newington. Their origins span back to schoolyard days in Cardiff – a humble friendship, ignited in musical prowess and love of a good hook.

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