A true journeyman, Ian Britt has been releasing and performing as a solo artist for a decade and while he has travelled extensively throughout Europe as a true troubadour, converting music lovers everywhere into his devoted army of fans, it’s now time for the rest of the world to be let in on the secret.


With his British charm and effortless honesty shining through in his songs of love and heartbreak, Britt’s acoustic-based, sometimes idiosyncratic yet always accessible productions have seen their way onto a multitude of significant syncs. In excess of 100 syncs to the popular teen soap Hollyoaks in the UK and some very well placed usage in the USA and Canada with Parenthood, The L Word and The Real L Word, plus many more.


Britt’s songs are utterly melodious; flowing effortlessly between thoughtful-pop, classic song writing and introspective existentialism, always with an open heart an original turn of phrase and a strong ear for the song being King.


Syncs have helped Ian Britt’s music find a much wider audience, notably in the U.S and Canada. The song “The Shape Of Us” in particular has found it’s way into the hearts of so many new fans as their chosen wedding song; the track has been synced to numerous wedding videos, played as the first dance in towns across the world that Ian had never even heard of as well as having well over 100,000 hits on youtube and more than 4 million Spotify plays. Not bad for a song recorded in the toilet of a shared house in Manchester, England with only one microphone.


Ian is a predominantly a self-made, DIY artist; a self-produced, multi-instrumentalist, self-promoted, self-supported. Ian’s long reaching achievements without a safely net of support have been truly remarkable, a mark of his music’s charm and his determination.  Now with a recent partnership with new UK label DMF-Digital, Britt recently released a folk-rock-stomper by the name of “Heartless” and is currently working on material for an EP/Album.


With his enigmatic character expressed through his soulful, distinctive voice. With his accomplished, unique guitar playing, his ear for immaculate song writing and his infectious, charming melodies. Given the right support in revealing to the world this splendid secret, Ian Britt truly shows the promise of being an outstanding artist of his time. 

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