Touring globally as Neil Finn’s guitarist last year presented Jesse Sheehan with exciting new opportunities and musical growth. Neil liked what he saw and offered to produce his debut album, which is ready for release later in 2015. Recorded at Finn’s Roundhead Studios in Auckland NZ, the yet-to-be-titled debut marks the start of a new period as Sheehan relocates to the UK to ‘try his hand’.


‘Girl If You Are What You Say You Are’ is the first single, it’s a honey-sweet taster into how the album will present. Well “perhaps” it is but Finn says ‘the record is a diverse body of work’. 


Sheehan and his band have played supports to international acts, Southern American Folk Rockers ‘Alabama Shakes’ and British star ‘Jake Bugg’. Festivals include the Big Day Out. Having captured the hearts of his native county, he now brings his fantastic live show to the UK.

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