Jon Byrne’s rise to prominence has, surprisingly, been a long and arduous one. However, the struggle to be recognised as one of the nation’s most gifted of songwriters shouldn’t have happened any other way if ‘suffering for your art’ can be considered as the romantic model in all this. Jon’s struggle has made him the person he is today, it has shaped him and more importantly it has made him incredibly astute in fine tuning the detail within the poetry of his lyrics. He is a great social commentator and his observational accuracy, in these ever changing times, is as sharp as Sweeney Todd’s cut throat razor.


Growing up in the tough industrial shipbuilding town of Barrow-in-Furness allowed Jon to write about the rough end of the social spectrum, he writes from the soul and he tells it ‘how it is’, pulling no punches on delivery, although he has had a few punches thrown in his direction for dressing and thinking differently to the majority. Throughout these ordeals and traumas he still operates within the realms of his own beliefs and carries on regardless, gathering information, mentally noting down his social observations, his passionate opinions, his romantic ideals and setting them to music. His music and wordsmithery was once described in ‘Clash’ magazine as ‘taking the Arctic Monkey’s patter to a higher level of sophistication’ and Daily Mirror journalist Gavin Martin wrote; ‘Byrne tackles tough reality with splenetic attack, black humour and colourful dramatic songs... This is rock from the rough end of the streets, delivered with guts and passion’.


Jon has previously worked both on stage and in the studio with Clash legend, Mick Jones. In 2008 Byrne was given Glastonbury Leftfields best ‘new artist’ award for his solo performance at the festival. His debut album “It’s Boring Being in Control”’ released in early 2009, an edgy ‘tell it how it is’ album was critically acclaimed by the UK music media and he followed this up with the 2013 release of “Built by Angels”, carrying the same ‘Jon Byrne’ moniker but with a softer, more commercial air to it touching on romance and relationships in all shapes and forms, bright and dark. This follow up album also received equal critical acclaim by the UK music press.

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