Mamavegas, a six­piece based in Rome, are one of the most strengthened projects on the Roman independent music scene. Since forming in 2005 they have explored all sorts of different genres, from alternative rock to neo­folk, all the while developing their own musical language, a cross between crystalline Northern European sounds and the warmer tones of Mediterranean music.


Following their self­produced debut “The Way to St. Ruiz”, which lay the groundwork for their distinctive style, Mamavegas released two EPs, "This is the day... I see" and "Icon Land" on net label 24, the digital division of 42 Records. The year 2012 saw the release of their first official album, "Hymn for the Bad Things", on 42 Records. The album is a collection of pop songs built on complex structures in which the different influences of each band member meld and come together: the result is a mix of meticulously arranged choral folk tinged with electronica that stretches the pop song formula while retaining its fundamental classicism.


"Hymn for the Bad Things" receives good reviews and is greeted with a lot of warmth from the public, and Mamavegas find themselves spending the whole of 2013 touring festivals and clubs all over Italy. Their live shows bring out the full nature of the band, each performance a unique and engaging show that never fails to leave its mark on the audience.


In May 2014, and immediately before re­entering the studio to work on their second album, Mamavegas record a cover of Syd Barrett's Dark Globe, which is included in "This is Not A Love Song Compilation N°3", released on cassette tape by indie label To Lose La Track. The compilation also includes other covers by well­known Italian independent artists such as Cosmo, Edible Woman and MiceCars.


The new Mamavegas album, "Arvo", was recorded at the Igloo Audio Factory in Correggio by Andrea Sologni, mixed by Giacomo Fiorenza and mastered by Andrea Suriani at Alpha Dept. in Bologna, with artistic production by Mamavegas and Andrea Sollogni. “Arvo” is scheduled to be released in Italy in April 2015 by 42 Records; it contains ten tracks and will be preceded by the video for the first single "Blessed and Gone".

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