The family name McCool has its roots in Irish legend; the giant Finn McCool was said to be a mythical hunter-warrior of Irish folklore. It wasn't until many generations later that the McCool family emigrated from their native Ireland to settle where Natalie grew up - in Widnes, Cheshire - a small industrial town, with many sites out of bounds due to chemical soil and its looming power station. So, perhaps due to this mysterious combination of having mythical blood and being grown from radioactive soil, Natalie McCool's artistic talents so came to fruition.

Weaving together a fine fabric of influences such as Jeff Buckley & Cocteau Twins, Natalie began playing guitar at eight years old. Fast forward to seventeen Natalie launched her studies at university majoring in guitar & songwriting - and slowly coaxing her whimsical and ever-morphing voice out of its hiding place she began to perform, with latest track "Pins" taking the limelight.

With accolades from some of the world's biggest tastemakers including NYLON, Vogue and Wonderland, not to mention a flood of praise from blog giants The Line of Best Fit, Pigeons & Planes and The Music Ninja, "Pins" has turned a sea of heads in Natalie's direction - with all of them hitting the replay button.

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