Korean punk band Patients formed in Seoul in 2005. Originally a quartet, the group emerged as one of the leaders of the mid-noughties local underground punk scene with the release of their debut EP of fiery anthems, 2006’s “Hanging Revolution.” The act scaled back to a trio in 2007 with bassist Sumin Jo assuming vocal duties shortly before recording their second EP, “All the Patients Let's Go.” While supporting “All the Patients Let's Go,” the band played their first international gig as part of the 2008 Japan/Korea Oi! Punk Festival in Nakano, Japan.


In 2010, the group created their own indie imprint, Steel Face Records, to release music from Patients and like-minded artists. Wanting to experiment with different styles and expand their sound, Patients’ 2011 “Kitsch Space” full-length effort saw the group accenting their punk and rock cuts with bits of new wave and pop. Calling their new style “hybrid punk,” “Kitsch Space” was met with praise and earned the group a place in the November 2011 Hello Rookie finals, a competition created to highlight Korea's best up-and-coming bands. That next summer, Patients were invited to play at the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, one of the country’s premier musical events. In 2012, Patients parted ways with guitarist Junmyoung Baek. Instead of adding another guitarist, they decided to try and take their music in a different direction by inviting keyboardist Hyuckjang Kwon to join the band in 2013.

Eager to share their new sound globally, in May 2014 Patients embarked on their first UK tour to perform at Liverpool Sound City and play concert in several other cities. And in September 2014, they traveled to Taiwan for a number of dates including a gig at Beastie Rock Festival. That fall, the group began work on their sophomore full-length offering, “18.” Recorded between September 2014 and March 2015, the 10-track album was issued on April 29. With Kwon’s keyboard skills adding a fresh dynamic to their continually evolving “hybrid punk” sound, “18” proves to be Patients’ catchiest and most exciting release to date.

Patients will be showcasing “18” in the UK in May 2015 when they make their second appearance at Liverpool Sound City. This summer, they will be playing at South Korea’s Soundholic Festival 2015 Exit too. And when not busy promoting “18,” the group will be presenting gigs at the Seoul live space they have owned and operated since 2013, Steel Face Rooftop 3639.

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