“Saskwatch’s live show embodies everything about soul music that makes it one of the coolest of the multitude of music genres."  Tone Deaf 2014


Saskwatch are a testament to music’s ability to move the body and the mind and they have proved themselves to be masters at both.  Live they frolic in the dappled light enjoying both sadness and ecstasy and exploring the complexities in between while the upbeat songs  are guaranteed to ignite the dance floor!


In June 2015 Saskwatch will release their third album Sorry I Let It Come Between Us - this album was recorded with Dr Dog’s Scott McMicken and Nathan Sabatino and it’s a truly genre jumping affair.  This album sees them shifting and sliding between guitar heavy pop, bluesy melancholy and soulful ballads. Saskwatch’s latest works offer an emotionally assertive voice matched equally in musical intricacies -  the epitome of progression through its refinement, honesty and simplicity.

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