So the story goes, our heavy hearted songstress, looking to the sky for answers, was met with a message from some future pocket of civilisation. A band of outlaw scientists trying to get their point to some past human, turned storyteller. Her name is Louisa and she became SDTG. Then SDTG became more than she, a circle of friends talented in the art of music, ready to enter the airwaves.

SDTG is Louisa, Sian, Jack, Jenny & friends, signed to Skeleton Key Records, Liverpool UK. Following the release of debut single ‘If You Could See’, multiple national radio plays and blog praise has established a firm foundation for 2015. Subsequently, a nationwide UK tour with label-mates The Sundowners has built upon an ever-growing fan-base, with a new single and debut album all but finished and soon to be released.

The Coral’s James Skelly and co-producer Richard Turvey have been instrumental, consolidating a distinct acoustic sound and facilitating the transformation into a full band, simultaneously projecting SDTG onto the national stage...

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