The shijo x were born in 2009 as a duo including Davide Verticelli (former keyboard player for Beatrice Antolini) and Laura Sinigaglia. In the same year the first album (One Minute Before) was released by Ideasuoni, and recorded with Luca Cavina (Calibro 35, Zeus!) and Gianluca Rimei (Il Genio, Beatrica Antolini, Candyfish). The duo performs in lot of live shows. In April 2010 a bass player and a drummer join the band for a live contest (Teramo Music Festival). The experiment, after a few cooperations leads to a new line up with Federico Fazia playing bass and Federico Adriani as drummer. Going on with live performances ShijoX win the regional contest of Italia Wave Love Festival 2011 and get to perform on the main stage just before Kaiser Chiefs and Paolo Nutini and are awarded by the critic. Still in 2011 ShijoX win the Comites Sao Paolo Award as Italian representatives and fly to Brazil for a few live shows. Since 2009 ShijoX are cooperating with Davide Cristiani for Bombanella Studio right up to 2012, when Davide Cristiani gives birth to Bombanella Records, a new label, proud to present its first release ever: “…if a night” on the fourth of June 2012.

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