Creating sonic fairytales since 2013.

SNOWDROP is the brainchild of Larissa Bollig, a one woman project as an outlet of creative energy. The aim is to be completely self-produced, self-taught and to learn by doing.

SNOWDROP spontaneously played it’s first gig at Liverpool Sound City in 2014, having only had four week's notice and a week of practice with a live band. The first EP “Bruised” was released on 14 April and attracted amazing responses from media, audience, promoters and record labels.

“If Two Door Cinema Club and Chvrches got together, had a wild night, and then nine months later popped out a child – that child would be S N O W D R O P.” (Casual Band Blogger, 2014)

“The Bruised EP has already established Snowdrop as a serious contender within the undeniable brilliance of the electro pop scene currently, and if this is anything to go by, whatever comes next is going to be very very good.” (Hooting and Howling, 2014)

2015 will be a productive year, with further gigs to be announced and new material to be released.

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