Sun God Replica formed two years ago when Link McLennan (singer/songwriter/guitarist for the Bakelite Age) and Lochie Cavigan (drummer for the same) decided to take the best elements from 60’s/70’s heavy rock n roll and fuse them into a heavy garage psych band that would become SGR.

They opted for a three piece line-up deciding that it was a nasty, pointy shape as opposed to the squareness of a 4 member line-up. Besides, Cream were a 3 piece, and that was enough for them. They recruited former Monochromes member Tim Pickering (aka Lance Swagger) on bass to complete their power trio.

In 2011 they recorded their debut 12” LP Primitive Clockwork at an old morgue specially converted into a studio for the album by former Monochromes frontman  JJ Symon. The record received much critical praise but the Sun God Replica boys new they couldn’t rest on their artistic laurels.  Not if they wanted to create a Sun God sonic pandaemic.

Along with engineer Loki Lockwood from Spooky Records they sweated over a hot mixing desk like alchemists over a cauldron and produced The Devil and the Deep; a nugget of rockin’ ‘n riffin’ gold.

At the current cost of the AUD for gold, that would mean that each record should by rights cost close to $6000. Although we’re sure Sun God Replica and Spooky Records won’t charge anywhere near that.

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