“Tabitha Jade” - still only 14, is definitely one to watch, a promising  Singer; Songwriter, and  Musician. She has a distinctive sound, ranging vocals with catchy upbeat melodies, that has an undeniably pop feel.  Her sound draws on her main influences of  Pop; R&B, and Rock,  the Vocal  and Acoustic Guitar working in harmony, makes you want to listen, sing along, and nod at the same time!!


She’s the middle of 3 sisters, and attends Upton Hall Convent  FCJ School on the Wirral, along with her 2 sisters Eliza Mai  12yrs, and Harriet 18 yrs. In her spare time, it’s mainly homework; surfing vintage shops with friends, or music. If its music, she’s either writing or practicing alone or in duet with younger sister  Eliza Mai, who also sings and plays Keys, or listening to music – trying to  discover that  great new reference to inspire her next song!! 

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