After a 20 year break the legendary, influential british post punk band the Membranes have returned after being asked to play All Tomorrows Parties by former support band My Bloody Valentine.


A key part of the UK underground scene in the eighties the band, along with contemporaries like the Birthday Barty, The Fall, Einsturzende Neubauten, Killing Joke reshaped music on their own terms. Their warped, surreal social commentary and punk rock DIY ethos helped pave the way for a new underground and many of the faces at their 80s gigs are in well known bands to this day.


They have already played several festivals across Europe to a great reaction and now have a new album Dark Matter/Dark Energy to be released on Cherry Red Records spring 2015. 


The new music weaves noise, drones, found percussion, feedback, discord, melody, free jazz, dub, dark- dub, free punk, heavy rhythms, classical music, orchestras, percussion, near silence, death to trad rock noise and freedom into a unique whole of beauty and noise and enjoys all the contrasts.

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