Ti's music rests on wistful, exquisite melodies, warm bass lines, lovely poetry and hypnotic rhythms, reminiscent of a lazy, rainy afternoon spent on the dry side of the window.

Ti is a psychedelic electro pop duo from Belgrade, Serbia, formed in 2012. The band consists of Ilija Duni and Trajce Nikolovski who were both born in Macedonia and met in Belgrade. Ti was formed after Ilija and Trajce played together at an impromptu jam session in BIGZ, a 1930's Bauhaus building where the vibrant Belgrade music scene thrives. Ilija and Trajce make music with electronic drums, bass pedals, keyboards, guitar and they both sing. Rehearsals and recordings take place in Ilija's apartment, where the band taped their EP “Koliko dana”, LP's "Vidimo se!" and "Zivot u dvoje" and two videos.

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